What we do?

ITO Multimedia Services (MMS) offers video production services to transform brands and ideas into story-telling that engage your audience. We utilize our experiences and expertise to produce video and graphic visuals for your organizations, campaigns and products. Our services briefly include:


Our Services:

Our Products

We are offering the following video products at the moment:

Corporate Videos


Training Videos

Presentation Videos

Viral Videos & Teaser Clips

Product Videos

The Process

A video production project usually includes the following processes:

Our Process

The Brief


We have set out below the FAQs that will give you more ideas before writing the brief of your video production project:

A: The production time usually varies from 3 weeks to 6 months. It depends on your project requirements and we will provide an estimation on production time during the production meetings process.

A: Most of the cases you may need to provide the video script, shooting locations, cast and talents, voice-over artists, or whatever which is not included in the services we provided as stated above. For some projects that required the use of historical photos or video footages, we are sorry that we do not have a magic wand and therefore please make sure you have them in your own media archive.

A: Video production we accomplished in the past could be charged starting from HKD4,000.00. The cost will be varied from project to project. A ballpark estimate will be worked out after the first couple of meetings when details of the project are agreed.

A: Different types of videos have different optimum durations. A standard corporate or training video may last for 5-8 minutes to provide more detailed yet essential information for the audience, while an interview or teaser video being showcased on iCandy takes no longer than 1.5-2 minutes for the audience to consume. You may consider producing more than one single video if you are having a promotion campaign in your mind.

A: Please provide your own branding or corporate identity materials. We do offer simple motion graphic service by adding motions to your graphics provided which can add liveliness to your videos.

A: We are offering basic sound recording and basic sound mixing services at the moment. Of course we can do voice-over recording but please bear in mind that you need to provide your own voice-over artist.

A: The video product is a communication process between our client and the audiences. Moreover, the creation of itself goes through several on-going communication processes between the client and our team as well. The processes such as production meetings and storyboarding help to reach the mutual agreement on the quality of the final video product before the shooting kicks off. However, there will still be back and forth opinions and amendments during the shooting and post-production process. As video-making involves all sorts of human inputs, please be prepared that this will be quite painstaking in some cases when possible situations that are far from ideal arise.

A: A video production utilizes extra resources from both the client’s office and our team. We promise to make every effort to accommodate your requests and a reasonable production schedule will be worked out before the shooting begins. However, the schedule will be especially tight during busy times of the academic year or when the client expects a pre-mature deadline for final product delivery. All in all, the key to accomplish our mission is to work together to complete the production in a timely manner.

A: Please make sure the copyright of these visual materials provided from your side is cleared before including them into our video projects.

A: Sure and please have a look at HERE.

Inquiry & Request

If you are interested in our video production service, please submit our Request Form "Multimedia Production / AV Services Request Form (Video Production)" to ITO with sufficient lead time and information. All job requests are first come first served.